Press reviews, and Musicians' reactions :

" Congratulations to the authors of the 50 Renaissance and Baroque Standards - the book is cleverly constructed and beautifully presented" (Danièle Pistone, Professor at the Sorbonne University, Paris)

"'Very well thought-out presentation ... an impressive sum of knowledge. Instructive, fun, just fantastic!'" (F. Nicolas, Guitare Classique n° 35)

" Beware, this book is dangerous! It is riveting, fun and inexhaustible. Once you have opened it, you will never want to be without it again. You have been warned! " (J. Cordaro, Bulletin de l'Académie Belge du Luth)

"... Beautifully designed and printed, /.../ the book is timely as well as valuable. There is no equivalent, practical, edition and I can see it being used for music courses as well as by groups of like-minded players. /.../ Many of the extracts are so good, and so well chosen, that you wished the whole version could have been printed." (A. Robinson, Recorder magazine, G.B.)

"...The book we have all been waiting for./…/ Recommended to everyone " (Nostalgia, Japan, May 2007).

"... all music shops should stock it and place it promimently ... hasten to buy it." (Early Music Review, Nov. 2007)

" ... The pieces appear together with many variants, a precious source of instruction for performing musicians"
(H. Marécaille, Le Nouveau Musicien N° 25)

" ...No competitors... surprisingly, the 50 Standards could well be of interest to musicians far beyond the Early Music circles." (M. Henry, Bulletin de la SFL)

"A veritable treasure trove for all musicians" (Claire T. Barker, musician)

" Fantastic! Bravo and thank you!" (Christine Lecoin, teacher at the Marseille National Conservatory)

"A remarkable piece of work, a titanic effort." (J.P. Cuisinier, teacher at the Quimper National Music School)

We received the following message from Belgium "What a great idea to publish the 50 standards! Does the edition include a CD with repeated chord progressions, so that we can also practice alone at home?"
Answer: No, although we did consider this possibility in the beginning. The idea was abandonned because of the large number of 'grills' in our collection, over 250. Either a selection would have to be made (on which criteria?) or only very short versions presented, leaving little time for improvisation as few CD players can loop a track perfectly. A solution might be to make these tracks available on the website. We are working on the idea!"